About Premier Physique

Premier Physique is about total health and wellness.
When you reach your true health potential you will have
reached your ultimate state of physical fitness as well.


"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." ~Carol Welch

Premier Physique strives to help each and every client reach his or her personal fitness goals through individual attention and customized program design. No two fitness programs are alike because each individual has unique circumstances and goals.
The following is a sample of the goals that have been reached by clients training with Karissa Johnson, founder of Premier Physique.

Decreased body fat and weight loss
• Increased muscle mass
• Improved muscle tone and firmness
• Increased muscular strength and endurance
• Improved health and energy level
• Improved performance in specific sports
(Specialties: Running, Marathon Training, Dance, Golf)



"Processed foods not only extend the shelf life,
but they extend the waistline as well."
~ Karen Sessions

Premier Physique emphasizes natural foods as a basis for every health and fitness program.  The chemicals in our modern-day foods are not only contributing to cancer and degenerative disease, but are programming our bodies to store more fat.  Nutritional Education is a part of every fitness program and available through consultation services as well.

"Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork." 
~ English Proverb

"Our food should be our medicine and
our medicine should be our food."
~ Hippocrates